Philosophy KeBio goes further than bio!

Modern agriculture continues to use methods that are non-sustainable in the long term for humans, the economy and the environment. Resources are limited and need to be respected. 
Bio-economic agriculture offers an excellent model for sustainability. KeBio takes this approach one step closer to what nature intended.

KeBio engages in natural farming that does not use any kind of substances, fertilizers and pesticides. KeBio — more than organic!

Now is the time to apply synergistic agriculture and return to what has been done successfully for centuries: to use ancient seeds that require no special climatic conditions and have not been genetically manipulated. They are as nature designed them. Growing crops from the original seed produces nutrition-rich food, foods that are attuned to the earth and climate naturally. The simpler genetic makeup and water-soluble gluten levels in ancient grains have been shown to be more easily digested by the body than modern foods. KeBio specialises in cropping from these seeds. The land gives naturally in abundance. We produce spelt, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, millet and beans as tough as old as the Senatore Cappelli and the wheat Gentilrosso in this special way.


Why choose organic?

To choose an organic product means you are taking a step, which favours the environment and sustainable lifestyles that protect the earth for future generations.

  • For RESPECT and HARMONY with land, water, air resources
  • To PROTECT mind and body from the contaminants that stem from genetic manipulation and its derivatives
  • To GUARANTEE the system of control and certification
    Community legislation Reg.CEE 2092/91 defines the culture method and a system of checks and safeguards to protect the buyer from manufacturers’ malpractice. 
The Ministry of Agriculture observes manufacturing at all stages from initial biological conversion, putting particular emphasis on maintaining and improving soil fertility, controlling absolute prohibition of the use of GMOs or products derived from them, to the systematic control of all products from organic production through laboratory tests. These checks verify the total absence of harmful elements that would prohibit their use.

All Kebio products are certified by ICEA Control