Durum wheat “Senatore Cappelli”

Strampelli Nazarene (father of the modern world cereal) created this variety of wheat in 1915 from a cross between the varieties Rieti and a variety from Tunisia. He named the grain after the Marquis of Abruzzo Raffaele Cappelli, Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, who with the help of his brother Antonio, lead, over some 800 years, to an agrarian reform in Puglia. Their foundation work allowed Strampelli to conduct research, plant experimental fields for cultivation, workshops and resources.

Senatore Cappelli grain was popular in Italy until 1975.
Only in recent years, has it been reintroduced in some regions in order to safeguard the product variety.

Senatore Cappelli is a large grain with warm ash blonde colored ears. It stands tall, sometimes more than a 1.5 m. and is full-bodied.

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