Anyone lucky enough to live and work closely with the earth cannot fail to know what it means to love. Learning about love begins with understanding that s/he who loves will first feed you and enchant you with colors, fragrances and flavor.

Earth even when subjugated by human arrogance and oppression, will always strive to restore harmony and balance of eternal life forces. Sadly, human behaviors have long imposed their will, their needs, and economic interests on this free spirit called Mother Nature. If people now concede their ignorance and allow dynamic renewal through sustainable methods, the Earth can get to work and restore balance.

More than a decade ago, KeBio staff started to notice which wild plants favored the land they farmed. They reorganized their approach to agriculture around these early observations and planted varieties that perhaps yielded less, but remained high quality. They now understand what grew naturally in this region. Their simple, starting principle remained “we are what we eat”. We need quality food to sustain vitality and strength and part of this truism means that we sustain and keep the environment in which grains are produced in equilibrium.

Food is not only nourishment for our body it is also for our soul. Eating foods grown with positive energy, respect and love for all returns to give us total well-being, energy and a joy in doing.

Interviewed at Rio +20, the founder of KeBio Musini Piero speaks about yogic agriculture and natural farming