Agriculture Natural KeBio reconcile human needs with those of nature

We use techniques and traditions harmoniously combining human needs with those of nature through the application of mechanisms of production that nature has always used. We maintain minimum working the soil with shallow disking and seeding by hand.

Permaculture, agriculture permanent

We apply the principles and methods of the permanent that is continuous in time, because balanced and inexhaustible, that reconstitutes itself the vital energy used during production. The result is an inexhaustible environment, full of life energy that produces food “alive.”

Agriculture synergistic

Staff KeBio apply the techniques of Synergistic: the plants are graded in order to enrich themselves and defend each other, using the mechanisms of self-defense and self fertility of nature. The plants through their organic residues and their chemical activity, rifertilizzano the ground, creating humus, in synergy with the natural activity of fungi, earthworms and other microorganisms. The simultaneous cultivation of different plants and herbs and flowers, creating a natural defense against attacks from parasites, as each of the other species is unwelcome pests. In addition, it restores the natural landscape, creating a favorable environment for predators of pests and insects.

Minimum tillage

The “traditional” techniques for the preparation of the seedbed (such as deep plowing) deplete the soil and expose it to the most pests, the washing action of rain and erosion weathering. Also require a greater number of passages of the machines on the ground worsening the structure and increasing the fuel consumption. We work with the soil surface repairs much more: we do with the disking harrow harrow directly on the hard ground to a depth of 5-15 cm from the surface; This allows you to have only a partial reversal of the land, maintaining its structure, which improves the flow of water and air and prevents compaction of the lower areas, and a greater content of organic matter in depth.